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Staying at The Hooihotel (Hay Hotel)

“Stay the night on a farm, just like the old days!”

If you would like an original and affordable overnight stay, then The Hooihotel is an unforgettable choice. Bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and pyjamas and drift off to sleep in the hay.

The nostalgic Hooihotel has room for 15 people. You can book the hayloft exclusively for your group or share the space with other visitors.


  • Comfortable matrasses
  • Tables and benches
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • You can use the campsite kitchen and sanitary facilities
  • Shared patio
  • Come into our Uutlboashuuske for a tea of coffee break.

Farmer’s breakfast

For a farmer’s breakfast in the hay, order the BarendonkBonks a day in advance.

If you are not sure whether The Hooihotel is right for you, please contact Liesbeth for more information.

The Hooihotel is open from 1 May to 1 October.