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Scenery Estate the Barendonk

As shown there are many opportunities at the Estate and the location. You can read more in our documentation file, which is available for each guest. There you will find all kinds of information, also involves some sights in the area. The village of Cuijk and the fortified city of Grave, Nijmegen, Overloon with the war museum, Mook, the Mookerheide, and just across the border Kleve. There are to many beautiful places to mention.

Cycling - Walking

There are many opportunities to start. Immediately from the grounds with a walk or a bike ride. It's beautiful here and really it is no longer necessary to use the car during your stay. Also you can visit Mill (2 km away) a snug and cozy village with supermarkets and restaurants. You can bring your own bikes or rent some at the estate.

There are bicycles for hire for adults and children. We also got childseats. Rate: € 6.50 per bike per day the childseats are free.

We got a large variety of bikingroutes, some starting and ending at the estate.

Geocaching and GPS rental

You can also participate in geocaching, a challenging and exciting sport in which you find yourself (using a GPS device) in places that you will not find yourself quickly and eventually get "rewarded" with finding the treasure. In our area there are several hidden treasures, which will give you the opportunity to experience the environment in a special way.
We have GPS units for rent.